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Kettle Hungarian Soup Recipe.

Recipe for Kettle Hungarian Soup
Ingredients Hungarian Soup: 

Kilogram of beef.
4 Tomatoes, skinless
Peppers 3 pieces + Bulgarian swallows pieces 3-4
Potatoes, cut into large pieces
Hot pepper 1 pc
4 pieces of onion, half rings
Markov 2-3 medium slices
Beans in tomato paste (optional)
Oil for frying, ideally of course the fat and the rump, but its prices are not humane never.
Broth or water.
I pre-cut gram 300 of beef broth and boil.
The rest of the sliced ​​meat portions, and sprinkle with paprika left to rest
Paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, parsley

Method of preparation:

1. Prokaliv oil, throws onions, fry.
2. Then add a couple of tablespoons paprika in oil and onion, and stir immediately. In this case we throw our seasonable light meat in the photo the meat from the broth.
3. Then carrots.
After some time, the rest will ship vegetables peppers, beans, tomatoes. Mix, salt slightly.
4.I pour broth so that only just cover, must be very thick as goulash. Throw hot pepper and cover with lid.Diminish the fire.
5. Samoa time to get potatoes and garlic.
6. Minute 40-60 open cauldron demotivate potatoes, made up the remaining broth. Straightening of salt and close again.
7.When the potato is cooked add the garlic and parsley. You're done!
Hungarian Soup
Recipe Hungarian Soup