Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hot Chocolate for Every Morning.

Hot Chocolate for Every Morning.
Needed things for Chocolate:

Cream 33% - 200 ml.
Milk - 100 ml.
Dark chocolate - 250-300 grams
Mint - 5 sprigs

Method of preparation:

Mix the milk and cream well, add the mint or add any flavor you like, and put it all on medium heat.
We need to wait until a creamy mixture just begins to boil. Turn off the heat and mix well all things again.

Until the mixture cools down a bit, break the chocolate (I take the dark, it is more intense, and if ASSUME milk - increase by 10-15% of the amount) in a bowl, in which it will be convenient to mix it all.

Now through a sieve (because we have mint / peel / spices) pour the creamy mixture frankly on the chocolate.

Now stir the mixture well, ideally - Silicone Spatula. At first it may seem that all stratified, chocolate flakes and went all messed up. Do not worry, stir further. I specifically show a lot of photos of the process. As a result, you get a uniform chocolate mass saturated color.

The resulting mixture, and this is a real ganache, pour into a jar, and take away the chill in the refrigerator. First, it will be quite liquid, but in the morning is pretty thick. Everything is as it should be!)

After 2-3 hours, and better the next day, you get a thick chocolate ganache. It is easy to stand for 2 weeks closed jar in the refrigerator. And best of all - to prepare a morning hot chocolate will be easier than ever. Pour into a mug of milk and heat it in the microwave and a half minutes. Add the right amount of ganache (2 to 4 tablespoons) and mix well.

And that's what we get incredibly rich hot chocolate with stylish mint flavor, which is prepared in the morning for 2.5 minutes. This is despite the fact that can be heated and one and three cups of milk at once, add to each ganache (amount - according to taste) and get a great morning invigorating drink. Though why the morning, in the evening with a couple of cookies - too perfect! Serve with zefirkami (marshmallow) and for special aesthetes, grated chocolate.