Saturday, 11 October 2014

Italian White Truffle.

French mushrooms
World's most expensive truffle. We are talking about the well-known French mushrooms that are looking for specially trained pigs, we all heard that but here's the "mushroom" record worth belongs to a rare white truffle. It can be found only in the north of Italy, and the size of one of the fungus reaches a diameter of 12 centimeters. Sell white truffle at a price of 4,000 euros per kilo. Interestingly, one such truffle can weight up to 500 grams.

Four years ago, tycoon bought three truffle from Hong Kong at auction, truffle’s weighing was 750 grams, the record price was- $ 209 000. Do you think they are to dry it and preserved for posterity? Whatever the case, they gladly ate a record white truffle at a special banquet with his friends and relatives.