Saturday, 4 October 2014

Recipe - Soup with Saffron.

Soup with Saffron Recipe
Things to be needed for Soup with Saffron:
Coconut milk - 300 ml.
Vegetable broth - 300 ml.
Cauliflower - 400 grams
Saffron - 1/2 tablespoons

How to prepare Soup with Saffron?

Combine vegetable soup with coconut milk in a saucepan, add racemes cauliflower (there is no matter, it is fresh or frozen) and a pinch of saffron.

put it on medium heat and simmer for 10 to 12 minutes, until cooked cabbage.

Once the cabbage is ready, the take away from the heat. Put 3-5 inflorescences for beautification, and the rest pyuriruyte blender. The thing is that, your taste is most important so the grind it into a homogeneous puree or leave more noticeable pieces. In this case you will get very tasty and rich.

Serve the soup immediately, without hesitation! Can be added to the end of the pepper and herbs in season.